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How to use stone remnants for beautiful home furniture?

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Countertops | 0 comments

Many fabricators stockpile stone remnants after completing a kitchen installation. Did you know that these quartz and granite off cut can be used in unlimited ways for your home projects?

If you are looking for elegant, timeless, and durable pieces to complement your home, then this article is best for you! Below are some of the many items and furniture you can create out of these astounding stones.

1. Tabletop – Perfect piece to make your living room stand out! Stone remnants are ideal for coffee tables and side tables where books and other centerpieces are placed.

2. Kitchen Islands – Ideal way to use a rectangular shape stone off-cut with less finishing needed.

3. Bathroom Vanity – Remnants are the best choice for bathroom vanities to create a continuity of beautiful aesthetic throughout the house.

4. Coasters – It’s all in the details! They may be tiny in size but surely makes for an eye-catching and functional piece for your household.

5. Cheese Boards – One of the best uses of remnants is cheese boards. These are exceptional statement pieces that need very little material.

Repurposing stone remnants not only make for a charming aesthetic and exceptional highlight for your home, but it also helps stone fabricators get rid of an unnecessary stockpile of stones and convert them into another robust stream of revenue.

Our goal at Remnantss is to provide helpful information and share our knowledge and experience in the stone and home improvement industry. We are a platform that helps fabricators sell remnant stones to the general public and make purchasing stones easy and accessible.

If you are a stone fabricator in Canada looking to sell your stone remnants, or a homeowner looking to purchase items made of remnants, we welcome you to visit our website to learn more about our products and services. Lastly, if you find this article useful, please feel free to share it or let us know your feedback.


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