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How to monetize your stone remnants

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Countertops | 0 comments

An easy $1,500 dollars was made in a matter of days by a Winnipeg-based fabricator without any kitchen projects. How’s that even possible?

There are thousands of small, medium, and large-size stone fabricator companies in Canada alone. All are different from each other but there is ONE THING these businesses share in common. Remnants!

Remnants also know as off-cuts uselessly take precious square footage from a fabricator’s shop; taking away its ability to create more production power, and stockpile tens of thousands of dollars worth of stones unable to generate any revenue.

In this article, we will show you tips on how to monetize remnants, get them out of your shop, and create connections with potential buyers that lead to bigger opportunities down the road!

1. Keep track of your remnant inventory – Inevitably, you will have off-cuts as a result of your usual kitchen projects. Keep a list and take photos of every remnant you have.
2. Quantify and Measure – You only know what you know. Get an estimate of the value of your remnant stones to keep track of how much potential money you could be making.
3. Convert – Fabricate these remnants into pre-made items that people love. There is a high demand for tables, vanity top, cutting board, small kitchen island, and many more. Sky is the limit.
4. Collaborate – If you are unsure how to design these remnants into marketable items, consult and approach local designers that can help you transform these stone off-cuts into stylish and desirable home items.
5. Sell – Find the right place to sell your remnants. There’s millions of people on the lookout for stylish, durable, and affordable remnants for endless types of home projects.

If you are looking for a place to sell your remnants with no sweat and no time, is Canada’s Number One Platform for Selling Remnants. It allows fabricators to sell customizable remnant stones and an online store for pre-made stone products where customers all over Canada can purchase in just a matter of clicks. receives tons of daily website visits, and is the go-to for Home Owners, Cabinet Makers, Home Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Realtors, and Many More!

It may be true that gathering a list of your remnant inventory may take precious minutes of your time. But the effort of doing so is nothing, nothing, nothing compared to the long term and sustainable benefits your business will enjoy down the road. More space, More Money


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