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Home Renovation Hacks: Find Budget-Friendly Countertop Remnants

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Initiating a home renovation project presents a perfect opportunity to revamp your living space while staying within a budget. A clever yet stylish solution lies in countertop remnants. These coveted assets, which include top-notch materials such as granite, marble, and Quartz, can add a splash of luxury to your interiors without causing a major dent in your wallet. Let’s delve into the world of countertop remnants with a special spotlight on the remarkable offerings by

The Advantage

Based in Winnipeg and serving Canada, is the number one e-commerce platform for stone remnants. Founded in 2019, the company has become a bridge connecting consumers with manufacturers, enabling individuals to spend less on customizing or purchasing pre-made stone products. It hosts the biggest remnant and discounted full slab gallery in Winnipeg and its surrounding areas.

A Wide Array of Choices

From the elegant allure of Sapphire Brown and Alpina White to the distinctive shades of Titanium Black and Blue Pearl, provides a wide variety of options. Other available remnants include the earthy tone of Latte, the soft, warm hue of Oq350 Blanco Glola, and the striking presence of White Attica. Consider the polished concrete, Rosewood, or White Arabesque offerings for more sophistication.

Harnessing the Power of Stone Remnants 

Stone remnants, often left behind after a kitchen installation, are far from being wasted. These quartz and granite off-cuts can be an untapped resource for your home projects. If you’re drawn to elegant, durable, and timeless pieces, stone remnants can bring forth countless possibilities. Here are some of the versatile Applications of Stone Remnants to consider:

Striking Tabletops

One stunning application of stone remnants lies in creating tabletops. An intricately patterned piece of remnant could be the perfect material for your coffee or side tables. The rich aesthetics of the stone will make your living room stand out, providing a unique stage for your books and centerpieces.

Elegant Kitchen Islands

Stone remnants are also excellent choices for kitchen islands, especially rectangular-shaped off-cuts. Minimal finishing is needed, making them a cost-effective and attractive solution for your kitchen.

Bathroom Vanities

Consider using remnants for your bathroom vanity to carry the sophisticated aesthetic from your kitchen to your bathroom. The result is a continuity of beautiful, high-quality stone throughout your home.

Charming Coasters

Don’t underestimate the impact of small details. Small stone remnants can be transformed into eye-catching, functional coasters. They add a touch of elegance to your dining or coffee table while protecting your surfaces.

Cheese Boards

Cheese boards made from stone remnants can be exceptional statement pieces. Requiring minimal material, they are both practical for serving and aesthetically pleasing.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Repurposing stone remnants doesn’t just add a unique aesthetic to your home. It also helps fabricators manage their surplus stone supplies, turning what might be seen as waste into another revenue stream. This way, the process promotes sustainability and profitability at once.

At, we strive to share our extensive knowledge and experience in the stone and home improvement industry. We provide a platform to facilitate the selling and purchasing of remnant stones, making it an easy, accessible process.

Whether you’re a stone fabricator in Canada wanting to sell your remnants or a homeowner seeking unique stone items, we welcome you to explore our website to learn more about our products and services.

Finished Products from offers a diverse range of finished products made from the finest remnants. Our catalog showcases many choices, each featuring top-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The following is only a sampling of the unique items available at

Small Dog Bowl

This uniquely crafted small dog bowl is made from high-quality Quartz with a polished finish. The bowl measures 15.50” L x 9.00” D with a thickness of 3.00cm. The edges are eased for a smooth finish, ensuring safety for your furry friend. This dog bowl is functional and stylish to your pet’s feeding area.

Luxury Cutting Board

Our luxury cutting board exhibits the true essence of More details on this item will be available on our website.

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is an exquisite piece showcasing the versatility of Quartz. Measuring 10.00” L x 10.00” D, with a thickness of 3.00cm, it has an eased edge and a polished finish. This rotating serving tray will add a touch of elegance to your dining table.

Grey Charcuterie Board

This stunning charcuterie board is crafted from quartz stone. Its rectangular silhouette and white surface make it a standout piece at any gathering. The board is non-porous, bacteria-resistant, stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. With dimensions of 22.00” L x 7.50” D and a thickness of 2.00cm, it has a polished finish and an eased edge profile.

Cheese Board 

Our quartz cheese board is elegant, stylish, and highly durable. It is non-porous, bacteria-resistant, stain-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean. It measures 10.00” L x 10.00” D, with a thickness of 2.00cm, finished with an eased edge and polished surface.

Vanity with High-Quality Cabinet

This vanity features an exotic granite top and solid wood cabinetry with a faucet included. The vanity top displays a stunning marbling look with a black background and golden veins. The cabinet features solid Canadian maple shaker panels, plywood box construction, concealed hinges, and under-mounted soft closing glides. It measures 49.50” L x 22.50” D, with a thickness of 3.00cm. The polished granite top and eased edge complete the stunning aesthetics of this product.

Affordability and Ease of Purchase

Purchasing remnants from guarantees not only high-quality products but also affordability. For instance, the vibrant Tropical Brawn is available at just $60, while the robust Titanium Black prices range from $62 to $140. The creamy White Attica remnant is a steal at only $20. The prices reflect the piece’s quality and size, providing a perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.

Simple, Streamlined Buying Process has made the process of acquiring your perfect countertop remnant straightforward and hassle-free. Begin by browsing through the remnants or pre-made products. Once you’ve selected the stone to be customized, a simple click lets you contact the seller directly. If you prefer pre-made products, their e-shop allows for a quick, easy purchase.

Remember, all payments are securely processed by the world’s leading payment provider, Stripe. Explore these and many more offerings at, your premier destination for unique and elegant stone remnant products.

A Sustainable Choice

Opting for remnants from adds an aesthetic appeal to your home and reduces the impact on the environment. The company’s vision is to connect consumers globally with repurposable remnants, reducing material overproduction and waste. Choosing remnants is a win-win, adding an elegant touch to your interiors while conserving the environment.


At, the satisfaction of our customers is a testament to the unparalleled quality of our products. Here are some of our customers’ glowing reviews, reflecting their experiences with our unique products.

Elevating Dinner Parties – Kristen

Kristen from Gray + Mae Charcuterie shares her absolute love for our board. She praises our product’s stunning and durable quality, which has added an exciting dimension to her dinner parties. Kristen also values the practicality of our board. Chilling it in the refrigerator before serving kept the food cool, making it perfect for summer gatherings. The board’s functionality and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal centerpiece for any dinner party.

Multifunctionality at its Best – Jeremy Senaris

For Jeremy Senaris, a black granite piece from has become a multifunctional addition to his kitchen. He uses it as a cutting board, a plating base, and a charcuterie board, applauding its versatility. Jeremy is particularly fond of the elegant look of the black granite, which he considers a superb enhancement to any kitchen décor.

Perfect for Intimate Gatherings – Ciara B.

Ciara B. was searching for a compact, attractive alternative to her large charcuterie wood board. She found the perfect solution in our board, which she finds ideal for serving 2-4 people and arranging charming picnic dates. She concludes that our board is gorgeous and offers excellent value for money.

Worth the Investment

Our affordable countertop remnants embody unique aesthetics, high quality, and eco-consciousness, all while respecting your budget. Whether you’re revamping your kitchen, bathroom, or patio, remnants offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution to help transform your space into a reflection of your style.

Why compromise on choice? provides various options, adding a slice of luxury to your renovation project without the hefty price tag. Begin this transformative journey by viewing our selection of countertop remnants today. Our investment in remnants isn’t just a purchase. It’s a lifestyle choice respecting your budget, taste, and the environment.


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