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This cutting board is naturally stunning as it gets !

High-quality quartz stones are carefully cut and finished with a smooth polished surface.

The natural design in the stone make not only for a reliable cutting board, but for a nice serving platter as well. Perfect for slicing fruits, vegetables and meats. Also ideal for serving medium to large size food items such as pizza, donuts, cookies and bagels.

- Scratch-free surface

- Non-porous material

- Bacteria resistant

- Stain resistant

- Long lasting and durable

- Easy to clean


Top Material
Top Dimensions
18.00'' L x 12.00'' D
Top Thickness
Top Finish
Edge Profile
Eased Edge

What customers say about us

I picked up this beautiful black granite piece from my friend Paolo at Remnantss, I use it for multiple things. Cutting board, plating, charcuterie board, you name it...I love the look of the black granite, a great addition to any kitchen.

jeremy cutting board 1
Jeremy Senaris